Customer Reviews

See what some Deedee Desserts customers have to say about our cheesecake mixes!

Your cheesecake mixes are AMAZING!
Cheyene D.

I’ve enjoyed your desserts!
Vicki A.

They are way too good!
Sharon H.

Recently introduced to your sugar free cheesecake product. So impressed as my husband and I always talked of creating a business to cater to the very large diabetic market. My husband his mother and sister are all type 1 diabetics and holidays have always been difficult. Your product has now helped us out!
Sally H.

How can I order a small number of cheesecake packets?  At a craft show a few weeks ago I purchased 4 packs and I have enjoyed them so much. Would like to keep some on hand.
Loise A.

I’m writing to let you know that the order I placed 2 days ago is ALREADY HERE!!!  Oh my gosh…I don’t think anything’s arrived so quickly from upstate NY!! My sincerest thanks, and my kids will be thrilled to know what’s for dessert this weekend.

Brooke B.

I am interested in buying a bunch of your sugar free mixes as I need to buy some to ship to Germany also to my brother-in-law who loves your product!
Evelyn C.

We love them, especially the sugar free since my husband is diabetic. 
Cheryl B.

Kenneth M.

My mom loves your sugar free ones. She needs them NOW :-). 
Linda D.

Hi! We love your cheesecake mixes and we always buy some at festivals!
Melinda D.

I can’t wait to try them all!!
Jessica F.

I was so excited about all the flavors. I am diabetic and can eat them.
Kelly C.

Hi there! I tried your pie for the first time 3 days ago and I was obsessed. I have never liked cheesecake my whole life and my neighbor sent over a slice of pistachio for me and it was heaven! 
Arielle B.

My husband loves blueberry!
Theresa T.

I made your strawberry cheesecake for Memorial Day, EVERYONE LOVED IT!!! I need more…
Susan B.

Love your cheesecakes.

We love Blueberry and Raspberry.  thank u 
Penny W.

So enjoy your cheesecakes.
Jan S.

WOW!  Is all I can say.  Your products are out of this world. Purchased 8 packages last Saturday in Waynesville,Ohio (Sauerkraut Fest)
Paul G.

Hi I purchase from you every year. My family and I love them!
Tracy T

I have bought some of your cheesecake desserts a few times at different art shows.  They were delicious!
Tracy S.

I love your product!
Mary Ann D.

Love your products and can’t wait to get my recent order – YUMMY
Jodi P.

My family really enjoys your pies. Thank you.
Kelly P.

I love your product!
Mary Ann D.

I had the sugar free cherry almond and it was wonderful.
Teddy L.

Love your flavors!
Celeste G.

Just ABSOLUTELY love your Sugar-free flavors. My husband is a diabetic and is so hard to please when trying to find desserts for him. I bought four of your sugar-free mixes at the Apple Cheese Festival and he ABSOLUTELY loved them all!!!! Thank you so much!! I will definitely be ordering more!
Joy B.

I just made the one today it was the plain one and it was out of this world!!!
Sherry S.

Your cheesecakes are just absolutely delicious! Thank you for making such a WONDERFUL product! We’ve had raspberry and chocolate so far…
Bobbi N.

Hello!  We are a 2nd year customer of your product and were originally sold on it for being Peanut Free.  This year at the Allen Park, MI Street fair on the weekend of August 4 we purchased more product and chatted with a gentleman working about if the mixes can be used to make homemade ice cream for our severely allergic peanut son.  He recommended using half a package and to contact him afterwards to let him know how it turned out so that is what I’m doing.  I just wanted to say that we used a half a pack of Strawberry mix in our 4qt ice cream maker and it tastes DELICIOUS and just like strawberry ice cream!  We can’t wait to try it with the Mint Chocolate we purchased while there as well 🙂  We are so happy this worked out and will continue to purchase your products.  Thank you for being peanut free and not only making delicious products but also now giving us a whole other option for my son’s home-made ice cream since store bought ice cream is not possible with peanut allergies due to cross contamination!
Sarah W.

Love your product. Quick to assemble and great taste!
Linda S.

I made the lemon chiffon one for my mom for her birthday. Dee Dee Liscious. Today we had bananas fosters….holy moly… incredible. Please never stop making these!
Erin S.

Thanks for a delicious and super-easy product!!
Gayle D.