Rewards Program

Deedee Desserts is excited to introduce Deedee Rewards, a reward program that gives back!

As a registered account holder, you will automatically be enrolled in our Deedee Desserts Rewards Program. Every time you place an order with us, we will reward you with our Signature Deedee Cherries.

How to Earn :

Each dollar spent on our website is worth 1 Signature Deedee Cherry.

*Example: $36.00 order earns you 36 Deedee Cherries

You can also earn Deedee Cherries for other actions:

*Refer a Friend = 25 Cherries with first order of 6 or more mixes

*Register for an Account = 5 Cherries

*Birthday Present = 10 Cherries

*Share Link to Website = 1 Cherry for every time link is clicked

Use your Deedee Cherries for free mixes:

100 cherries = 1 Free Mix ($6.00 value)

Keep an eye out for new rewards, including Deedee Desserts swag coming soon!

Strawberry No Bake Cheesecake Dessert